Ban Live Export – About this Blog

The majority of decent Australians want Live Export Banned or Phased Out. It is the single biggest issue that Australians have reacted to, signed pettions for, demonstrated against and contacted their local MP’s and the Prime Minister to express their opposition.

Live Export has a history of cruelty, of animal suffering, of sending animals to destinations with no welfare laws, with histories of abuse, welfare disasters, and effectively takes abattoirs off Australian shores and sets them up overseas for a low welfare slaughter, and exploits lowly paid foreign workers to maximise profits.

There are alternatives to Live Export, costed, viable alternatives which support Farmers and Australian Meat Workers. You will find the informationon this page and others.

This Blog is a reference for information on the Live Export Industry, including Industry Insider Information, Links to Media articles, Stats and Facts sourced from MLA, DAFF, OIE, UN, and other sources, and also Photos and Videos exposing the Live Export Industry.

For more information you can also visit:

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