Live Export – Because this is WRONG

A series of images – all care of the Australian Live Export Industry, for public distribution.

The Live Export Industry thrives on being out of sight out of mind. These images although confronting and distressing, MUST BE SEEN as the truth must be revealed. The Industry got away with mass torture of Cattle in Indonesia for 20 years before a caring Animal Activist exposed the truth of their business.

This is a business. This is about cheap overseas abattoirs and $1 a day workers, using low welfare, below western standard (illegal slaughter practices under Australian Laws) all for the highest profit return. Their mark up is huge, because they refuse to process on shore like the rest of Australia’s Farmers who use Australian Facilities, Labor and support their local communities by not taking their jobs offshore.

Live Export is a bloody, dirty and cruel business and it is Australias Shame. Please Share these images, contact your Local MP, and visit for ways you can HELP give these animals a voice today.

3 thoughts on “Live Export – Because this is WRONG

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  2. An Independent Office of Animal Welfare is required here.

  3. I have run out of words to describe how I feel about this merciless live export trade. It’s change me and I now see that kind people, humane, ethical people are the only people worth knowing.

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