Live Export – Not feeding the poor, & paying Slave Wages to Meat Workers Overseas


Live Export export exports to the middle class to wealthy destinations and markets. In fact Egyptian Abattoir workers went on the record confessing they often steal tongues to take home to their families to feed them – as they cannot afford the meat they process under their slave/sweat shop wages that Live Export profits from.

Live Export cuts out Indonesian Pheasant Farmers, who collectively at 700,0000 – have lobbied their Government to cease live Cattle imports as they are kept poor, unable to compete with Australian Cattle Imports. Support for a ban of live cattle exports to Indonesia is now coming from Indonesian Farmers. The 700 thousand peasant farmers in Indonesia want the ban so demand will increase for their cattle. “We would like to explain to the public in Australia, each country for building food sovereignty for the long term, the problem of the food will become the basic problem for people in the world.” Read more about the effect Live Export has had on Indonesian Farmers here. 

MLA – Meat and Live Stock Australia confirm in their own marketing video that the Beef supplied to Indonesia feeds only the 10% Wealthiest of the population, you can watch the video here;

Let’s briefly cover some of the Destination countries for our Live Animals to debunck the MYTH we are providing food for the Poor (note we also export chilled Meat to ALL of these markets in HIGHER quantities);

QATAR is one of the region’s wealthiest states due to its enormous oil and natural gas revenues.
KUWAIT has the world’s fifth largest oil reserves and petroleum products now account for nearly 95% of export revenues and 80% of government income. Kuwait is the eleventh richest country in the world per capita.
UAE oil reserves are ranked as the world’s seventh-largest. It also possesses the world’s seventeenth largest natural gas reserves The UAE has one of the most developed economies in Western Asia. Per capita income is the world’s seventh highest.
MALAYSIA has one of the best economic records in Asia, with GDP growing an average 6.5% for almost 50 years.
ISREAL . Israel has one of the highest life expectancies in the world. It is a developed country, an OECD memberand its economy, based on the nominal gross domestic product, was the 43rd-largest in the world in 2012. Israel has the highest standard of living in the Middle East and the third highest in Asia.

Destination Countries and Export Statistics from Meat & Livestock Australia’s “Live Link” Publication:
Live Export Destination Countries


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